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Chris Keefer has been a store clerk, teacher, quasi-social worker, truck-farm vegetable picker, but always a writer. Her work includes a twenty-year run as a weekly newspaper columnist on the subject of birding, and she currently writes news of her hometown in the local paper. She has published articles in numerous magazines including Coping, Conservationist, and Kaatskill Life, a chapbook of humorous rants and she just won a drabble contest!

 Her debut novel No Comfort for the Undertaker is the first of three Carrie Lisbon mysteries. Tragedy's Twin was released in October, 2023. Look for Find Your Way to My Grave in Fall, 2024.

Chris earned three degrees in education, is a member of Sisters in Crime, SINC Guppies, Mavens of Mayhem (Upper Hudson Chapter of SINC), Historical Novel Society, and attends virtual and in-person writer’s groups each week.

Chris lives with her husband in an old country house, works in an elementary school, and writes, birds, gardens, metal-detects, bikes, and most recently got into grandmothering, in upstate New York.

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