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It Means So Much

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

My writing buddies and I set up a table at a local arts and crafts fest. We wanted to showcase our club by displaying the books we’ve written and published as a result of the support and encouragement we give each other.

The weather was excellent. The crowds were thick. There was a ladybug release, a pig to pet, kids everywhere, bubbles… Even the dogs were beautiful! It was a really great event after a long, and arduous few years of shutdowns and restrictions.

I was surprised at the interest so many folks had in our booth. Among the beautiful crafts, the stunning flowers, the live music, and the food, people stopped at the local authors table and wanted to know more. We had our books on display, we chatted up the club, we gave away bookmarks. We had friends and family stop and hang out. We talked about each other’s books and even sold some! Mostly, people stopped by and said “Wow. You wrote this?”

We had the same sentiments ourselves! Once the display was up, we marveled at the collection: the exciting covers, the number of volumes in the series, the variety of genres. We had to stop and congratulate ourselves all over again for all our hard work and all our mutual support. “Without this club, I never would have done this,” was a popular sentiment among us.

And we also got a chance to chat about our projects. Unlike our regular weekly meetings where time is short (and I’m likely to crash at 8 pm), we savored the time we had to discuss what we enjoyed about each other’s characters and writing styles. Jenny, one of our members, asked me about my protag, Carrie Lisbon, in No Comfort for the Undertaker. While I described her physically, Jenny got busy with a pencil and paper. The resulting sketch floored me. Another member pointed out “Hey, it’s your first fan art!”

I wish I could be so talented. I wish I was so generous, and I wish (greedily and unabashedly) for more of the same time with these people. Writers shouldn’t write alone. Getting involved with the right group makes all the difference.

© Chris Keefer. All rights reserved.

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looking forward to Oct. 2022 release


© Chris Keefer. All rights reserved.

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