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Carrie Lisbon. Part II!

Hi everyone. Thanks for all your interest and support since the first Carrie novel. I'm so excited to present you with the second. Book II is called Tragedy's Twin!!!

Here's a wonderful review from Marlie Parker Wasserman, author of Inferno on Fifth and The Murderess Must Die: "Carrie Lisbon, an undertaker in rural New York State in 1900, grapples with new challenges in Tragedy’s Twin, the second book of Chris Keefer’s riveting series. Enlisting help from a colorful cast of village characters, Carrie tries to solve the murder of poorhouse resident Abbey Taylor, uncovering the tragic history of the place along the way. Carrie’s flaws, compassion, and brilliance will propel readers through the novel to its shocking and violent conclusion. Keep the volumes coming!"-

I've updated my website; I continue to post on FaceBook and I try to make some local venues and book fests so we can meet and chat. Keep in touch and enjoy some more Carrie!

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