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Hello again, my friends!

          I hope everyone had a terrific holiday season, a celebrated New Year and a good start to 2024. I’ve been concentrating on completing Book 3 in the Carrie Lisbon series, and now, for the first time in months, I can focus on something else.

          That’s because the manuscript is done! It’s titled Find Your Way to My Grave, and it follows three months after Tragedy’s Twin. Carrie is back in Hope Bridge and Del is seeking election. Thomas Bale is as badass as ever, and dear Sav is in Albany, picking up his coveted library charter. Oh, and of course, someone gets killed.

          Before I go into my profuse thanks to all the Carrie fans out there, let me give you an idea of what I’m up to this year. Find Your Way is due to launch in October (fingers crossed!); I’ve signed up for five public events (so far); I will be on a panel discussion called “The Darker Side of Crime: Books to Keep You Up at Night” at the all-virtual Mavens of Mayhem, Upper Hudson Sisters In Crime Murderous March Conference on March 9. The other panelists are Jacqueline Boulden, SJ Rozan, Alison Gaylin and moderator Leanna Renee Heiber. Can you imagine how fun that’s going to be!

          I was Lori Duffy Foster’s February guest blog, and I’ll be part of a public reading of short fiction at the Community Library in Cobleskill on February 22. I’ll read my zombie story House Hunting, and again, be in the company of uber-talented writers. The fun keeps coming, and I’m more than grateful.

          Now for the profuse thanks: I’m floored whenever someone tells me how much they love the Carrie books! Honestly, I can’t thank YOU enough for spending the money on them, reading them, taking the time to post a review, reaching out to me about them, and wanting more of them. Thank you all so very much. I’ll do my best to get on with it!

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