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I Need a Book!

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

No Comfort for the Undertaker, my debut novel featuring widowed undertaker Carrie Lisbon was launched in a flurry of activity on October 11, 2022. During the two weeks prior to that big day, I was so consumed with anxiety, I wrote another book.

Well, I didn’t actually write it from scratch. I collected, edited and organized seven of the rants that I’d written for my writing club. They liked them; they laughed at them; I’d just discovered the idea of a chapbook not necessarily containing poetry, so I sent off a PDF to my local printer, et voila! The Battle in the Bathroom was published.

I remember feeling the same level of anxiousness during the week of my first granddaughter’s birth. There was one day where I begged off work, came home and weeded every garden on my

property, built a small stone wall, made lasagna and risotto and paced around like a caged lion.

I needed a product. I needed the waiting, and the uncertainty, and the wondering, and the stress hormones to stop. I needed to know my son and his wife, and their daughter were going to be alright. I needed a baby. I needed a book.

Creating Battle kept me occupied during the weeks leading up to the birth of No Comfort, just like making a giant pan of portobello risotto grounded me during Lydia’s birth week.

And here we are. May I present No Comfort for the Undertaker, a Carrie Lisbon mystery, and her little sister, a squalling chapbook of humorous rants named The Battle in the Bathroom. Enjoy!

© Chris Keefer. All rights reserved.

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© Chris Keefer. All rights reserved.

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